Welcome to dayofsmallwonders

Several years ago I noticed buttercups.  Of course I’d known of their existence but I never really bothered to look at them.  Or rather, examine them.   As a child you’d put them under your chin to see if you liked butter.  As an adult they’re usually a nuisance to your otherwise pristine, weed-free lawn.  Next time you see one, pluck it from the ground and really look at it.  You’ll be amazed at the symmetry of its design.  And not just the design of its petals, but even the leaves underneath.  Something so small and yet designed so beautifully and thoughtfully.

Does it make you wonder?  I don’t mean wonder as in question.  I mean wonder as in marvel.  I look at this small thing, this weed really, and I marvel.  I worship the Creator of the small and overlooked.

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