After 10 miles…

Two years ago I couldn’t have written this post.  But after running two marathons in the past 9 months, 10 miles doesn’t seem so far anymore.  This morning I was out for a long run and it was so muggy.  I thought I’d get the best of the heat by going out early.  Well, 5:30am wasn’t early enough I guess.  Come to think of it, there probably isn’t a time during the day that won’t be hot and humid for the next three months in Atlanta.  Just gotta suck it up I guess.  Like I said, it was hot and muggy and the sun wasn’t even out yet!  Any visions of a fast pace quickly vanished.  I hooked up with two friends about 4 miles into the run and we went out and back for a little over 6 more.  Then I had to head back home alone.  And up a hill.  Actually, more than one hill but who’s counting!  On my way back something awesome happened.  It’s something that’s happened before this far into a run but sounds crazy.  I started feeling really good.  I got a burst of strength and for the first time was really enjoying this run.  Yes, it took 10 miles to really enjoy the run.  So why am I doing this?  Some days I don’t know.  A lot of days I hate the first mile or two but then it gets better.  Other days I love the whole thing.  Those are actually rare, but I’ve recorded them in my log book and go back every now and then to lovingly reminisce.

Life, just like running, stinks sometimes.  We will never find that perfect balance, that even keel throughout our days as parents, employees, friends, or runners.  It’s a fact of life that we live in a fallen world and inhabit sin stained bodies that wear out.  It shouldn’t surprise us when things don’t go the way we want them to.  But sometimes we hit that sweet spot.  It may come after one mile or ten and it may last only a moment.  But let’s be thankful.  These sweet spots are just foretastes of a future reality to come when we will no longer be hampered by our weaknesses and sins.  “If then you have been raised with Christ, set your minds on things that are above where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.”  Colossians 3:1

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