Convictions and Legalism

I have come to certain convictions in my walk with the Lord. These have come about from a truly sincere desire to please Him.

No birth control, being a stay-at-home mother, homeschooling, even keeping under the speed limit.

Unfortunately, keeping my convictions tempted me to look down on others as if they should know better. Weren’t all Christians supposed to come to these same convictions?

Convictions led me to Pharasaical pride.

But can we have convictions without falling into this trap? What is the key?

It’s love. Gospel love.

I held my convictions so tightly that I couldn’t see the people God wanted me to love. He didn’t so much want me to change their minds, but welcome them as Christ welcomed me. Read Romans 14-15. Paul never says to give up your convictions or to try to argue someone into agreeing with your convictions. He says to bear with one another and accept one another.

Romans 15:2-3 says we must please our neighbor for his good because even Christ didn’t come to please Himself.

So hold your convictions but above all, remember love.

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