Your Statutes Have Been My Songs

A little over 8 years ago I seriously started memorizing Scripture. Large portions of Scripture. It has been the most helpful discipline of my now 25 year Christian life.

The life of a Christian is a journey that is described as a fight of faith and a striving after holiness. No Christian would say it is easy but we are called to participate in this work God is doing in us. We don’t glide along or accidentally become holy.

I cannot recommend this practice of memorization more highly and so I would like to give some practical advice here at the end of the year.

Number one is this: Do you desire God’s Word?

You cannot “gin up” some feeling or begin with a feeling of duty or “have to”. If you have not been in the Scriptures regularly you may not have any desire to memorize. 

If that is the case, and you are a believer, I urge you to prioritize getting into the Word to fan the flames of your affections for God. And cry out to him for more desire.

The Word is living.

The Word is active.

Take some time to read Psalm 119. Notice that almost every verse mentions his Word. His precepts, rules, statutes, testimonies, etc. 

And notice the words he uses to describe his affection for the Word. They are words of longing and desire. Ask yourself if you have those same affections.

I have been doing this for over 8 years and must honestly confess that I have to regularly ask God for more desire, more “want to” as my faithful pastor would say. I am not an expert here. Just a fellow pilgrim.

So let’s start here. Let’s get into the Word. It is that simple. And let’s pray for God to develop in us the hunger and the desire we need. For man does not live by bread alone.

I can truly say that his statutes have been my songs in the house of my sojourning. (Psalm 119:54)

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