Sanctification as Remembering

Soul tightening.

I came up with that last year at this time. It described how certain concerns and anxieties came creeping into my soul and kept me from breathing deeply of his grace.

Yesterday I was reminded of Galatians 5 and freedom. When we don’t stand fast in that freedom the result is a falling from grace.

Grace, freedom. Remember.

Remember that going back to the law is going back to slavery. Going back to a master that has only one message. Condemnation.

Just as the Israelites were called to remember, I must remember. Remember the promises of grace and remind myself of my weaknesses.

We all have certain strains of weaknesses, like ruts in the dirt road that we’re prone to fall into.

That tightening of the soul came back this week. I had an unexpected day off on Wednesday and I contemplated what to do. And I felt my soul tightening as I questioned my choice of activities. Back and forth, what was right for that day? Shouldn’t I spend time with this person or that person? I shouldn’t be selfish and just do what I want, right?

I didn’t see that rut coming. I fell right into it.

Paralyzing introspection.

I didn’t realize I was in the rut until the next day. I had been oblivious to this weakness of mine.

To climb out I needed to remember. I needed to remind myself that the opposite of paralysis is freedom and the opposite of introspection is looking to Jesus.

Remembering my weaknesses and my need and the promises already in my possession will help me stand in that gracious freedom and will result in greater sanctification.

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