90 Day Read: Genesis – Deuteronomy 7

I’ve been challenged to read through the Bible in 90 days. I am on day 18. Reading that fast has its drawbacks but it has its benefits. Reading faster increases the impact of the story.

Reading Genesis in 5 days has helped my mind grasp more clearly how God brought humanity from Adam to Jacob. God is the one who pursues a people for himself.

Reading Exodus in 4 days has helped me see the enormity and power of God’s deliverance. He is sovereign over any nation and over any man’s heart. 

Reading Leviticus in 4 days has helped me see more keenly the great separation between God and man that sin causes. But God provides a way for his people to approach him so he can dwell with them!

Reading Numbers in 5 days has helped me understand more deeply the impact of Israel’s grumbling and rebellious spirit. I have been more convicted of how devastating grumbling can be. Disobedience is serious business but God is incredibly longsuffering and will not go back on his covenant.

Today I started Deuteronomy and was filled with new appreciation for this book. God desires the best for his people. Love and obedience to God cannot be separated from one another. And God loves his people because he loves them.


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