90 Day Read: 1 Samuel 1-14

This will be a short post. My youngest will officially graduate high school in about an hour.

In that light I would just like to say a word in honor of Hannah. It was probably obvious to her that things in Israel were not very righteous. She and her husband and his other wife went up to Shiloh every year to offer sacrifice. They had to know that the two sons of Eli were corrupt and immoral priests.

When Hannah received the answer to her prayer for a long desired child, she vowed to give him to the Lord. She followed through on her vow and after Samuel was weaned she brought him to Eli and left him there.

She left him there! Her young child, only a little older than a toddler.

The very next passage in chapter 2 goes on to describe in detail the failings of Eli’s sons.

How could she leave him there? Wasn’t she wracked with worry?

Maybe. She wouldn’t be human and she wouldn’t be a mother if she didn’t worry.

But the key words I noticed in the narrative make all the difference and show the kind of perspective Hannah had.

She lent him to the Lord.

She didn’t lend him to Eli. She didn’t lend him to Eli’s sons. She lent him to the Lord and to minister in his presence.

Hannah was confident that the child God gave her would be safe when she gave him back to him.

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