90 Day Read: Psalms 95, 97-99, 30, 108-110, 2 Samuel 24; 1 Chronicles 21-25

Some observations on 2 Samuel 24/1 Chronicles 21:

  • It says that God’s anger again burned against Israel. God gets angry at his people but his anger is always righteous and controlled.
  • Why is counting your army a sin? Does David’s success breed self-sufficiency and pride?
  • In the 1 Chronicles account, it says Joab doesn’t complete the census because it’s repulsive to him. It’s odd that this thing is repulsive to Joab compared to the other violent things he’s done.
  • God gives David a choice between three different punishments. Has God ever given anyone else that kind of choice? Wow.
  • In the end, God mercifully relents before destroying Jerusalem.

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