90 Day Read: Psalm 119, 72; 1 Kings 3-4; 2 Chronicles 1; Song of Solomon 1-8

Psalm 119 rarely gets read all at once. It needs to be though. The impact is tremendous. What I noticed today was the connection between God’s word and his character. They are inextricably linked.

Some people say they believe in God but don’t believe the Bible is completely true. That is an untenable position.

If God is true, all his words are true.

If God is righteous, all his words are righteous.

If God is love, all his words are to be loved and delighted in.

Psalm 119 clearly communicates this:

“You have dealt well with your servant, O LORD, according to your word.” Psalm 119:65

I think this is why the psalmist is so passionate about God’s word. He is passionate to know, obey and delight in it, because he is passionate to know, obey and delight in the Lord.

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