90 Day Read: 1 Kings 7-8; 2 Chronicles 4-7; Psalms 136, 134, 146-150

Psalm 136 is very, very repetitive but in a very good way. I used to have trouble focusing on this Psalm when I read it. The same phrase over and over would just wash over me without landing on me the way I desired.

His love endures forever.

But after years of reading this Psalm it has become very precious to me. There’s something about reading the same thing over and over that causes you to see more and more treasure.

I think that’s why he repeats this phrase over and over.

His love endures forever.

He recounts the journey of his people and every single step is underlined with this phrase.

His love endures forever.

We are weak people and very forgetful. God wants us to remember this phrase. He wants us to remember the truth that will carry us every day, all the way to the end.

His love endures forever.

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