90 Day Read: 2 Chronicles 10-17; 1 Kings 15-19

I am amazed by the grace of God. The kingdom of Israel is split in two and it’s pretty much a fact that the northern kingdom of Israel is in a lot worse shape than Judah.

The first king of the northern kingdom was Jeroboam. He wasn’t related to David whatsoever. After the rebellion of the northern ten tribes, Jeroboam set up his own form of worship with golden calves and a DIY priesthood.

After Jeroboam, king after king drags Israel into deeper and deeper sin until we get to Ahab. He marries Jezebel and at this point Israel is into full blown Baal worship.

They must be too far gone in God’s eyes. But no. God sends his prophet Elijah to them.

Elijah believes he is the only one still faithful in Israel. But no. God has kept 7,000 in Israel who have not bowed the knee to Baal.

The Lord disciplines his people. The Lord keeps his people. The grace of God is strong enough to pull anyone out of the deepest sin.

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