90 Day Read: Habakkuk 1-3; Jeremiah 41-50

Sometimes what God directs us to do makes little sense to us. Our own common sense and the advice of everyone around us tells us to do one thing but God tells us to do something else.

God wants the remnant left in Judah to stay even though things are very unstable and still threatening. He promises to build them up and protect them. But those who remain are determined to go to Egypt for protection.

Do they not know? Have they not heard? This is a broken record, this going back to Egypt. They are trusting in what they see, not the word given through Jeremiah.

But isn’t this the same with us? We want to depend on our eyes, and on other things and other people instead of God.

But they cannot escape from God. If they go to Egypt, God will follow them and bring the Babylonians with him to discipline them.

In chapters 46-50 of Jeremiah God pronounces judgment on the nations surrounding Israel. Why would this be an important message for the people of God? This is actually meant to be an encouragement to them. God is sovereign over all these nations. And he is still faithful to his covenant with Abraham. Yes, his people have turned from him. He will discipline them but not forsake them. But for those nations who come against his people, God will bring judgment.

God is relentless in his pursuit of his people, even in spite of their rebellion.

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