90 Day Read: Matthew 8:1-13, 11, 12:22-50, 13, Luke 7-8

Jesus is not who we expect him to be. He acts in ways that don’t make sense sometimes.

He touches a leper. A holy prophet of God would not do this!

He listens to and answers the prayers of a centurion. He praises the centurion’s faith! But wasn’t he supposed to come for Israel?

He heals many and does many miracles. But even John the Baptist isn’t sure if he’s the one.

The scribes and the Pharisees demand a sign. Jesus doesn’t give them what they want but says they will receive the sign of Jonah. What does this mean? He then goes on to rebuke them for their unbelief.

He speaks in parables. Why does he hide knowledge of himself?

He allows a sinful woman to kiss his feet and anoint him with ointment. Wait? Simon the Pharisee is sure that any prophet from God would know better than this.

Our expectations of how God should and will act are often wrong, just like the people of Jesus’ day. They found fault with John the Baptist because he was too ascetic, but then found fault with Jesus because he ate and drank too much. The people couldn’t be pleased.

Jesus knew exactly what he was doing when he said what he said and did what he did. His words and his actions exposed the hearts of the people, whether their hearts were desperate and open to receive the gift of salvation he offered.

The leper was desperate. He knelt down before Jesus. He was healed.

The centurion was desperate. He didn’t even come to ask Jesus in person. His servant was healed and his faith was commended.

The sinful woman was desperate. She risked everything to come into a Pharisee’s home and worship Jesus with her ointment and her tears. Her faith saved her.

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