90 Day Read: John 9-10; Luke 10-15

I love how Jesus pursues people. In John 9 he sees the blind man as a real person with needs instead of part of a theological quandary.

He heals the man and then after the man gets in trouble with the Pharisees and is kicked out of the synagogue, Jesus hears about it and looks for him. He then openly reveals his identity to the man.

Incredible! The religious leaders are begging Jesus to reveal his identity. He tells them he has, but they won’t accept it. But the blind man who wasn’t looking for Jesus is found by him and worships.

Then in Luke 15 there are three stories of God’s pursuing.

A lost sheep.

A lost coin.

A lost son.

God goes to great lengths to find what belongs to him.

He leaves the ninety-nine sheep to look for the one.

He sweeps the whole house and searches carefully for the one lost coin.

He strains his eyes looking at he distant horizon for diligently his lost son.

And when he finds what is his, is he angry? No. He throws a celebration.

Meditate on and marvel at this extravagant grace.

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