90 Day Read: Acts 7-14

God’s plans for people’s lives are different and beyond our understanding sometimes.

Peter and James were leaders of the apostles and leaders of the early church. In Acts 12 we read the account of James being put in prison by Herod and killed with the sword. There is no other information about his situation.

Immediately following is the story of Peter being seized by Herod, put in prison and then miraculously rescued by an angel.

One was killed, the other spared. Why? The church was praying for Peter just as I’m sure they were praying for James.

It wasn’t until today that I had noticed this difference. I’m sure it didn’t go unnoticed by the family and friends of James and the church. Why did God save one but not the other? These are questions we all have when tragedy strikes close to us.

God’s ways are past finding out sometimes. But his ways are right. At the end of the chapter we read a rather gruesome description of Herod’s death. An angel of the Lord strikes him down and he’s eaten by worms.

Justice came for Herod. As for James he had faith until the end and would be commended for that. Hebrews 11 says the world was not worthy of people with this kind of faith. (Hebrews 11:37-38)

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