My 100 Mile Adventure: Fear

I still can’t believe I did it. Did I really commit to this?

I registered for a 100 mile race. Yes, 100. The icon of ultrarunning. I am afraid.

It’s a little over 5 months away and looms as Everest in my imagination.

What was I thinking? Why am I doing this?

I just ran my 10th marathon two weeks ago. It was tough. My legs betrayed me. I’ve been recovering and strengthening some important muscle groups that were too weak. How do I expect to run 4 times as long?

I’ve been fascinated by ultramarathons ever since I learned of them. The events, the people, the training. I’ve even completed a couple of them: two 50Ks and two 40 milers. It’s good to have a healthy fear of these events. Anytime you run a marathon distance and beyond, anything can happen. Things that never happened in training can crop up: inexplicable pain, weird reactions to food or chafing in bizarre places.

So why? Why am I planning to attempt to run 100 miles? I’ve read somewhere that it’s a good idea to have a reason before you put yourself through up to 30 hours of pain and suffering. I’ve been thinking about my why lately and I think it comes down to the challenge. I’ve read of others accomplishing this feat – all sorts of people of various ages and sizes and abilities. Check this out! I’ve always wondered if I could do it. I’ve done 41.2 miles twice already. Can I do more?

It’s a challenge, an unknown and I’m afraid. I think that’s a good place to start. It can only get more interesting from here, right?

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