“Be still my soul: the Lord is on thy side. Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain. Leave to thy God to order and provide; in every change he faithful will remain. Be still my soul: thy best, thy heav’nly Friend through thorny ways leads to a joyful end.”

Katharina von Schlegel

Placid. Undisturbed. That’s how the waters of the Chattahoochee River looked this morning as I ran beside it. I wonder if this picture captures the state of my own soul. As I stopped to observe another sunrise over these waters I contemplated the words of the above hymn. Stillness of soul and peace come as I think about the truths contained in it.

The Lord is on my side. Psalm 118 says the Lord is on my side as my helper. The one who spoke everything into existence and upholds everything at every moment is on my side. Don’t rush over that. He is on our side. Truly, if God is for us, who can be against us?

We can bear any cross, any sorrow, and any pain because the Lord is ordering and providing in and through them all. No, we don’t always understand, but he remains faithful through it all. Just think of the alternative – if God isn’t sovereign over your trials, then who is? Satan? Are your circumstances just random, dictated by a nameless and faceless Fate?

More than that though, he is a best and heavenly Friend who doesn’t leave us in our trials, but leads us through them.

I see at least seven truths about God in this one verse which can and should bring stillness to our souls:

  • The Lord is on our side.
  • The Lord orders every trial.
  • The Lord provides in every trial.
  • The Lord remains faithful when everything around us changes.
  • The Lord is our best heavenly Friend.
  • The Lord leads us through every trial, never leaving us alone.
  • The Lord will make sure the end is full of joy.

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