A Long Drive for Good Gifts

I’ve been sick all week which has been a terrible bummer for me whose moods are often determined by how much I can get done.  Running last week?  44 miles!  Running this week? 3 😦  Homeschooling schedule?  What schedule?  Kids’ TV consumption?  Please don’t ask. 

Sickness usually tends to dull my desire for spiritual things.  Reading or memorizing the Word held no appeal for me even though I tried.  My achy tired body couldn’t muster up any desire.  I tried to give thanks for His gifts but that didn’t work either.  I finally began feeling better yesterday but was faced with a long car drive today.  I don’t like driving long distances and this was going to be long.  Four hours down and four hours back in one day.  My oldest qualified for the state youth Bible drill which was being held in The Middle of Nowhere, South Georgia.  Charming and quiet it was, but also very far away.  We headed out at 4am with another family carpooling with us.  Not much on the radio and not much conversation.  I was the only person who really needed to be awake anyway, right?  So I soldiered through until we got some food and, more importantly for me, coffee.  After that things started getting better.  For one, the sun came up.  Then the caffeine kicked in.  Wonderful blessing of God there.  My passengers continued to doze, but the Lord kept giving gifts. 

A blue-gray layered morning sky.  Uplifting Christian radio.  Interesting south Georgia town names like Smarr and Omega that made me smile.  Long rows of big strong pecan trees.

After pullling into Norman Park, (don’t blink or you’ll miss it!), we waited for the drill.  I was so nervous that I felt like I was preparing for an audition or something.  I guess it was just the old competitive drive in me kicking in even if I wasn’t involved.  One extra gift during the drill was having my child called on to recite the answer to, “How Do I Grow?”, with 2 Peter 3:18, a verse that I pray often for my children. 

While I was sick, I couldn’t muster up the desire to read, memorize, or give thanks.  But the Lord is so gracious.  He knew of my impaired desire this week while sick and yet opened my eyes to His gifts today. 

We arrived home safely (another gift) and I couldn’t be prouder of my son who has worked hard for six years hiding God’s word in his heart.  Those seeds are just beginning to sprout and I look forward in faith to seeing the fruit (gifts) that will come.

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