Just Ask!!

Yesterday I was finishing up a hard long run with my new running bud.  She was hurting and I had been praying for her, siliently, during the run.  She said her pain had almost gone away.  I was pleasantly surprised. 

Do you ever explain away Jesus’ teaching on prayer?  I’ve been reading a lot in the gospels lately and it seems I keep reading the same stories about Jesus healing or Jesus praising someone for their faith.  Time and again, I will explain away the promises Jesus makes to people about prayer.  Why? 

We’ve all prayed for people who were sick, and most have not been healed instantly.  We’ve prayed for others who are going through trials but the Scripture says that God uses these things sometimes to mold us and shape us into His image.  So how do we pray with a boldness and faith expecting great things when we don’t know God’s ways?  This is why I doubt my own prayers.  I pray with caveats.  “Lord, I know you can do all things, but if it’s not your will….”

Yesterday, as I was explaining this to my running friend, the Lord brought to mind a story of Jesus and a blind man. Jesus comes upon this man and asks him what he wants.  I’ve always had this reaction to that story – “Um, Lord, can’t you see this guy is blind?  Duh?”  (Yes, this is my raw, ungodly reaction.  He knows my thoughts anyway, right?)  But yesterday, in a split second, the Lord showed me why He asked the blind man that question. 

Of course Jesus knew what the man wanted and needed.  But he wanted him to ask.  He wants me to ask.  No pretensions or qualifications.  He wants this relationship with me with all my doubts and wonderings.  He’s not waiting for me to analyze the situation to make sure I’m praying according to what I think is His will.  He is God!  I am just a child, a wandering sheep of the fold without a clue as to His eternal purposes.  But in His great mercy and love, He wants me to ask, full of faith, without worry for the results.


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