Running teaches…

I have grown in so many ways since I began running. A certain freedom has inserted itself into my personality and the Lord is letting it invade oh so slowly into different parts of my life. Yesterday I was running the Georgia Marathon. It was hot, humid and really hilly. My friends and I had met this guy named Walter. Walter was from Sacramento and he’d done 67 marathons in 10 years. Whoa!! This guy was serious but a great running companion too. He said we’d probably pass him and never see him again but we kept catching up to him and encouraging him along the way. One time when we were running down Spring Street during the last 3 miles of the race we caught up with him and the Lord clearly wanted me to ask him something. I hedged for a second but then said clearly without reservations, “Walter, do you know Christ?” I don’t think I’ve ever done that with anyone let alone a stranger I’m running the toughest miles of a marathon with. But the Lord knew what He was doing and I talked with assurance and purpose to Walter. Walter needs to come home to Christ. Please pray for him. Maybe I’ll see him again in another marathon. Lord willing.

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