Foolish Busy-ness

There are many seasons of life when tasks seem to pile up endlessly. There are many times when it is necessary to have the calendar full of activity. New moms experience this on an overwhelming scale, physically and emotionally.

But there are other times when we choose, on purpose, to fill our calendars to overflowing. There are so many good things to do either to benefit ourselves or our families. We put these things on the calendar months in advance and think that just because there’s a blank space, there will automatically be time for it.

We overestimate ourselves. I overestimate myself. I think I have more bandwidth than I actually do. I believe I have more capacity to handle things than I actually do.

This past week I had many things scheduled and a few months ago, when I committed to these things, I thought I could handle them all. Did I sincerely ask for wisdom when I scheduled all these things? Probably not, at least not for each thing.

The truth was, I did have time to do all these things if those things were my only responsibilities. But they weren’t and so often I don’t take into account the things I never write down on my calendar – intentional time with my husband and family, serving others in need, calling a friend to pray, etc. And what about rest? Do I intentionally carve out time for that?

What I didn’t know a few months ago was that a couple dear friends would be in distress this past week with overwhelming burdens. These are things no one can schedule and no one can predict except God.

Did I have enough margin in my schedule to serve these friends in need?

Did I intentionally leave blank space in my calendar?

The use of the pronoun my sticks out. My calendar. My schedule.

Time doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to God. He allots it to each of us as he chooses. This is why it is foolish to cram our calendars full of things – even good things! – without asking for wisdom and being humble enough to realize that we have no idea what will be happening in our lives or anyone’s life either tomorrow or a few months from now.

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

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