Pursuing God Together

A couple weeks ago God was so gracious to humble me as a result of attending a Bible teaching workshop. Humility really is a gift from the Father.

When we do ministry in isolation, when we pursue God in isolation, there is a great temptation to pride. When we share our passion for digging deep into the Word and no one else seems (at least from our very limited perspective) to have the same hunger, we can get discouraged.

I have been tempted to think that I am the only one who sees these truths; I am the only one who has this passion for God’s Word.

God proved me wrong at this workshop and it was so wonderful. Who knew that humility could be so freeing!? I met so many women of different ages and from different backgrounds who had the same passion to dig deep into the Word. I had the opportunity to learn how to study the Psalms together with 40-50 other women. This was not 40-50 women sitting at the feet of one woman and just listening and taking notes. This was an experience of learning and co-laboring with other women in the Word.

What I found was that doing this digging together destroys pride. It is not about me and the great insights I have! I learned so much from these other women and there was no pressure to try to come up with the right answers. We were just digging for treasure together.

God is so wise and loving to have put the body of Christ together the way he did. Christ is the head; no human being could handle being in that position. And we are his body, different parts that are dependent upon each other. This wisdom and love protects us from pride but also produces great joy as we look into the Word and encourage one another to see the treasure within.

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