90 Day Read: Acts 20:5-28; Colossians 1-4; Philemon 1

Paul is not only zealous to preach the gospel, but he is zealous for those who have become disciples. He longs for them to be mature in Christ.

Does anyone long for you to be mature in Christ? Do you have that same longing for someone else?

Paul works tirelessly for those he’s called to serve, but not in his own strength.

“To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.” Colossians 1:29

Do I have this same confidence in the Lord’s power working in me and through me?

Paul’s letters usually end with personal greetings and it always strikes me how much we can learn from these. He commends certain friends and coworkers in the gospel for their faith and love.

Epaphras is one who stands out. Paul says he is always wrestling in prayer for the Colossians. He works hard on their behalf and desires that they will stand firm and be fully mature in the faith.

Epaphras has obviously learned from Paul and is now imitating his zeal.

Is there anyone you look to in the faith as an example to imitate? Would someone else look to you as their example?

There have been people who suggest we go back to imitating the simplicity of the early church in how they met and conducted worship. I’m not so much interested in debating those things. I do hope, though, that we can all agree that we should imitate the zeal and love of people like Paul and Epaphras.

Let’s be zealous for each other to grow in grace and to be fully mature in the gospel. Let’s work hard on each other’s behalf with all the strength God gives us.

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